Hospitality. Hospitality is the art of making guests feel welcome, appreciated and taken care of. And this is precisely what our hosts, hostesses and models excel at.

an extension of your company



Besides a sound concept and amazing decor, a positive impression is largely created by welcoming and well presented hosts and hostesses who are committed to providing excellent service. They represent your organisation and are the face of your company!


Auxilium Promotie & Advies  will discuss your requirements and draw up a list of criteria. We will then select hospitality professionals who match your profile.

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Exhibitions and conferences often mean long days and sore feet. Yet, despite this, our tireless exhibition staff remain friendly and resourceful and ensure that your clients and customers want for nothing.


Our hostesses see stressful situations as a challenge and always respond with a warm smile and a kind word. Nothing is too much trouble!

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First impressions tend to last. So it is important to ensure that the first moment of interaction with your company creates a lasting positive impression. Our travel service hosts and hostesses make sure this is the case. They are often the first person your foreign guests encounter and act as ambassadors of your company, brand or product.


Our hosts and hostesses can be there to welcome and escort your guests in public places such as cruise terminals, airports, events and hotels.

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Our models add a touch of glamour to your company, service or products. Besides guaranteeing free publicity, their presence often sparks natural engagement with your target group.


Our promotional models and grid girls are used to being the centre of attention and the commotion that goes with it. They always maintain a bright smile and know where every camera is. This requires the utmost concentration.

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