Auxilium Hospitality Service


Hospitality. That is the literal translation of hospitality. The pleasant, welcome feeling that the guest experiences when contacting the hostess or host and the service of the company. And that is exactly what the hostesses, hosts and models of Auxilium Hospitality Service stand for.

Because of the customized hospitality training provided by Auxilium Hospitality Service, the professional hosts, hostesses and models can be deployed very flexibly. Trade fairs, conferences or a festive opening of a store.  A warm welcome and registration of the guests are tasks that you can safely leave to them. They are always your business card and realize that they have to reflect the culture of the company. They are service-oriented, enthusiastic, representative and speak various languages.

It is not for nothing that Auxilium has been the preferred supplier of Jaarbeurs Utrecht since 2018. In addition, the hostesses of Auxilium Hospitality Service can of course always be found at other exhibition, conference and event locations such as the RAI, AHOY, and IJsselhallen Zwolle.