theme characters

Auxilium theme characters


Attract more attention

Looking for an appealing theme character to attract more attention to a promotion or generate free publicity for an event?  Auxilium Promotie & Advies can arrange enthusiastic theme characters who will bring your brand or service to life. Our theme characters increase the level of interaction with your target group. And of course everyone will want to have a photo taken with them and show it to friends and acquaintances.


interaction with your target group

Auxilium Promotie & Advies can arrange whatever costumed theme character you require. From Batman, to Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Saint Nicholas and Father Christmas, the possibilities are endless. Everyone wants to meet these lovable characters.

They will be happy to call in, spend the afternoon in your corporate lounge or wander through your shopping mall or city centre.  And to make end-of-year festivities complete, we can create goodie bags filled with presents from Spain or Lapland.


include photo marketing for added impact

Capture your theme characters on camera. Our photo marketing teams present all kinds of possibilities. Your target group can take their photo home with them. We can arrange portable printers so the photos can be printed, placed in a frame if this has been agreed, and presented to your target group.


The photos can also be downloaded from your website or campaign portal. The target group can be given a card with a code to download the photo with the theme character. That way you connect with your target group twice during the same campaign! Contact us for more information!

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