store checks

Auxilium store checks

The sales and retail services offered by Auxilium Promotie & Advies, which is part of the AUX Fieldmarketing Group include store checks that monitor point-of-sale materials on site. This involves making sure that point-of-sale materials are correctly assembled and installed, products are correctly priced and everything is presented as agreed. And, while they’re at it, our store checkers also find out what your competitors are doing.

This retail service provides a great deal of information and enables you to tighten your product range management. Auxilium often provides service in combination with mystery shoppers, who find out how retail staff promote your product and what product knowledge they possess.

store checks by professionals

Auxilium Promotie & Advies can arrange comprehensive store checks for you. We adopt a no-nonsense approach, provide excellent service and keep our focus on the objective. Our store check service involves:

  • assembling teams of merchandisers
  • instructing merchandisers
  • making the necessary arrangements with the owners or managers of locations and stores
  • planning cost-effective routing
  • arranging storage of POS materials
  • handling all of the related logistics, and
  • producing online and real-time reports including photos

We are well aware that during their visits our merchandisers will engage with your all-important (potential) customers. So all of our merchandisers are selected on the basis of their presentation, communication skills, drive, enthusiasm and commitment.

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