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stand staff who create an impression!

Besides a well thought-out concept, the outcome of an exhibition is largely determined by welcoming and proactive stand staff. Our exhibition staff complement your team and serve as the face of your company. The RAI convention centre in Amsterdam and the Jaarbeurs convention centre in Utrecht have been making use of our services for many years. Our staff are properly prepared and instructed. We also ensure that they are acquainted with your corporate culture and the way you work. This creates the (justified) impression that our stand staff are fully aligned with your product or organisation.

tailored to your target group



Our experienced stand staff know what is expected of them and rise to the task. Exhibitions often mean long days, sore feet and tiresome questions. Yet, despite this, our tireless exhibition staff ensure that your clients and customers want for nothing.

They are presentable, welcoming, engaging and committed to providing excellent service. They also speak several languages. That’s what you get when you hire Auxilium exhibition staff!



Auxilium hosts and hostesses have eyes and ears everywhere and can handle any situation.

They see stressful situations as a challenge and always respond with a warm smile and a kind word. Our professional hostesses are very flexible and can be hired for all kinds of events. Whether they are welcoming your guests to the celebratory opening of your new store, or attending to registration at an event, our hostesses will make your customers feel like royalty.



Besides being extremely attractive, our  models  can also hold their own in conversation!  When it comes to making the right impression, nothing is more important than communication. Our models draw attention to your brand, product or event in a way that is very convincing.

Our models are often called in to act as grid girls, otherwise known as  pit babes. They add that extra touch of glamour at Masters F3 events at the Zandvoort Circuit or the TT track in Assen, and also at leading motor shows in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Free publicity guaranteed!


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