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Auxilium sampling teams

Sampling teams are a great way to reach a large group of people. They are also known to successfully encourage consumers to make a purchase.


Our sampling teams always make a point of explaining how the brand values are reflected in the product, so, as well as being able to try the product, the consumer has a real experience of the brand!

turning sampling into an experience



Sampling teams are an excellent way of allowing your target group to try your product. A brief moment of direct contact provides an intense and compelling experience of the brand.


This quick interaction leaves a lasting impression. The advantage of a sampling team is that your message is communicated to potential customers face to face.



Auxilium’s tailored approach ensures that every sampling campaign is both eye-catching and unique. Our sampling teams increase the impact of your sampling campaign by turning sampling into an experience. We also make sure that ongoing campaigns keep evolving.

When planning sampling campaigns we bear in mind the aims and objectives of the campaign, the nature of the target group and the best method of approach. We also identify optimal locations and ideal moments.


It goes without saying that Auxilium can provide appropriate clothing, suitable sample bags or baskets and other support materials.



From cinemas to shopping malls and city centres, from catering outlets to car parks, from festivals to events… No matter what the location, we know who shows up when, so your product always ends up in the right hands at the right time!


To prevent wasted investment, we develop an optimal location plan which specifies where our sampling teams will engage with your target group. Auxilium will make all of the necessary arrangements on your behalf. At the same time, we always keep one eye on the possibility of deploying guerrilla sampling teams.


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