sampling teams

Auxilium sampling teams

Sampling teams allow your target group to try your products and create a positive customer experience that often leads to immediate sales. This is the power of sampling teams. They motivate your target group to buy your products.  Inviting the target group to try the product immediately instils confidence. Our sampling teams also exude and inspire confidence. They communicate an appealing message as they present the sample and your product does the rest!

Targeted face-to-face communication in the right location

Sampling teams face the challenge of creating a connection with your product. The quick interaction must leave a lasting impression. Of course, the advantage of a sampling team is that your message is communicated to potential customers face to face. It is also important to ensure that samples are distributed to the right people in the right location. Auxilium Promotie & Advies can take care of this for you.

selectie sampling teams

Besides distributing samples to your target group in the right location, it is important to ensure that the promoters presenting the samples are good at what they do. They have to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your target group. So sampling teams must tick all the boxes in terms of gender, age, image and communication skills.

Recruiting and supplying top quality promoters is a discipline that requires specific focus and expertise, so it is handled by a separate division known as BEUQ! Like Auxilium, BEUQ! is also part of the AUX Fieldmarketing Group. BEUQ! specialises in recruiting and selecting promoters for all of our promotional campaigns throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. If you would like us to assemble a sampling team that meets your criteria, we will arrange recruitment by specialists who are fully dedicated to your brand.

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