promotion teams

promotion teams for your brand

Promotion teams supplied by Auxilium Promotie & Advies, which is part of the AUX Fieldmarketing Group, perform the final and critical step in the marketing process. For all of your preparation and effort to pay off, the promotion team must be able to communicate the message to your target group clearly and in the right way. We know how important this is so we bear it in mind when selecting and assembling promotion teams, and also when training and supervising teams on site.  Our experienced promotion teams know what is expected of them: it is their job to ensure that the message comes across clearly and is delivered in the right way both in person and on camera.

selection and training of promotion teams

Clients and brands each have their own unique identity. The same goes for promotion teams. At the start of the project we develop a clear and detailed profile in consultation with the client. Then we recruit and select promoters who best match your needs. Of course simply presenting a bright smile is not enough: all of the promoters must be able to bring that added emotional dimension to a brand.

Our promotion teams work on the campaign from start to finish. Depending on the complexity of the campaign and the type of team (promotion team, flyer team, sampling team or event crew) we provide detailed verbal training that includes role playing exercises if necessary.

Everyone in the team  receives a copy of the campaign manual, which contains all of the relevant information. The manual serves as a reference work throughout the campaign and usually includes a step-by-step roadmap that describes the order in which the various duties need to be carried out. Nothing is left to chance!

And lastly all of the promoters receive a written daily briefing that provides all of the necessary information for that day of the campaign. The day before for the campaign we call everyone on the team and ask them to complete a short test. That way we know that our promotion teams are well prepared down to the last detail. Our team – your success!