promotional activities


promotion teams

Promotion teams are a powerful and effective means of presenting your brand, product or service to your target group in a way that captures (more of) their attention.


By communicating with your target group in person, promotion teams add value to your product or service.

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flyer teams

A flyer campaign is the perfect way to communicate a longer message to the consumer in a short time.


It is also an excellent method of advertising an offer, with the flyer serving as a discount voucher.


And lastly, a flyer campaign is an effective way to generate traffic to your store, stand or event and visits to your website.


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sampling teams

Sampling teams are a great way to reach a large group of people. They are also known to successfully encourage consumers to make a purchase.

Our sampling teams always make a point of explaining how the brand values are reflected in the product, so, as well as being able to try the product, the consumer has a real experience of the brand!

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Besides encouraging consumers to purchase your product, demonstrations are also an effective way of presenting your product to a consumer or business target audience.


They allow you to provide a more detailed explanation and engage in interactive communication with your target group.

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theme characters

Including a theme character as part of a promotion draws more attention to your brand or service. Theme characters also increase the interaction with your target group and create a complete experience both in person and on camera.


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