The Auxilium Promotie & Advies portfolio

WELCOME! This is how we at Auxilium Promotie & Advies and all of our staff start every meeting. You immediately sense that you are dealing with a no-nonsense promotion agency. Auxilium Promotie & Advies is part of the AUX Fieldmarketing Group. We provide services for clients of all sizes, from automotive manufacturers to radio stations, from government agencies to airports, from cinemas to beverage manufacturers, from television channels to confectioners. In our 27 years in the business we have dealt with all kinds of brands, products and services and we continue to welcome new clients.

The diversity of our client base means that we have extensive experience as a promotion agency. We know exactly what to do to ensure that your brand, product or service makes the right impression on consumers in the field! To give you a sense of what we do, the various services we offer, from promotion teams to hostess servicesmerchandising and survey teams, are summarised below.