About Auxilium

Auxilium Promotie & Advies

Auxilium Promotie & Advies was set up at the end of 1989 and has since emerged as a full-service promotion agency that draws on a wealth of experience. While we specialise in supporting promotional activities, we are also renowned for our hospitality, sales activations and event support services.

Auxilium’s sister companies within the group are:

Our approach to working with teams

For every promotional campaign we compile a team that works on the campaign from start to finish. The profile of the team is tailored to the product, brand or target group. Clients and brands each have their own unique identity. The same goes for the people who work for us. At the start of the project we develop a clear and detailed profile in consultation with the client.

When selecting and composing teams, Auxilium Promotie & Advies applies the following principles:

  • But simply presenting a bright smile is not enough: everyone in the team must have a real feel for the work we require.
  • Everyone in the team must be able to bring that added emotional dimension to a brand.
  • Everyone in the team must be aware that, no matter what they do, they are the face of the brand.

If a campaign involves a certain degree of complexity, we provide detailed verbal training that covers all of the ins and outs of the campaign and answers any questions the promoters may have.

Everyone receives a copy of the campaign manual, which contains all of the relevant information. The manual serves as a reference work throughout the campaign and concludes with a detailed roadmap that outlines every step in chronological order from start to finish.

And lastly everyone receives a written daily briefing that provides all of the necessary information for that day of the campaign.

Projectmanagement Auxilium

Project management. Once you have identified your concept and decided on your strategy, we develop a detailed action plan and time schedule for your promotional campaigns. This creates clarity and provides a basis for the assessment of results. Auxilium will be happy to manage all aspects of your campaign for you. This means that Auxilium assumes full responsibility for the setup and execution of your promotional campaigns, while never losing sight of the objectives and the budget! What can you expect from us?

  • ultimate responsibility
  • first and only point of contact
  • concept translation and monitoring
  • budgeting and budget monitoring
  • setup and coordination of logistic execution
  • warehousing and planning
  • location inventory and planning
  • development of materials
  • contact with third parties
  • team composition, briefing and training
  • contact with and direction of fellow agencies
  • finger on the pulse and corrective adjustment during promotional campaigns

We keep our clients informed of the progress of their campaign and often provide daily updates. That way it is possible to make corrective adjustments and tighten the campaign while it is underway. On completion of a campaign we produce a critical evaluation report that includes a cost-benefit analysis. This final report also provides recommendations for future promotional campaigns. For no matter how successful a campaign is, we are never entirely satisfied. As far as we are concerned, you cannot be too critical.


Auxilium Promotie & Advies is headquartered in Amsterdam.

It also allows us to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively in providing services for national and regional campaigns. Shorter distances make for quick consultation with the client. And once concepts have been tried and tested in the Randstad conurbation in the west of the Netherlands, Auxilium can then roll them out in the north and east. Regional campaigns require special focus and tailored support services, from planning campaign locations to managing teams who speak the language of the target group.

Our regional knowledge and extensive experience are guaranteed to contribute to the success of your promotional campaigns and events.