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Auxilium mystery shoppers

Mystery shoppers pretend to be prospective customers. Mystery shoppers can be engaged to provide an independent and objective assessment of the service experienced by your customers.


By pretending to be an interested consumer, it is possible to gain a great deal of information about the sharpness of the (retail) staff, the standard of service and the quality of communication. Our mystery shoppers can also check that your products are correctly presented on the shelf and that POS material is properly assembled and displayed in the right way.

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Our mystery shoppers are well prepared and trained to act as a potential customer. We discuss your needs and create a step-by-step plan. Our mystery shopper performs all of the required tasks and provides feedback on all the aspects you want to check in (online) visit reports, possibly together with photographs.


Auxilium summarises the results of the mystery shopper visits in a clear report that analyses the findings and presents conclusions and recommendations.



Market research, surveys and audits are disciplines that require specific focus and expertise. To ensure this specific focus and expertise, these disciplines are handled by Target Questions, a specialist division of the AUX Fieldmarketing Group  .


Target Questions guarantees clear and reliable survey and audit results, presented in reports that meet your requirements. Clear and well structured reports provide specific conclusions that you can immediately apply in practice.


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