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Our models add a touch of glamour to a special occasion, company party or client event. They make a big impression as they welcome your guests and show them the way. Arranging for grid girls to pose with guests makes for tremendously successful evenings.

increase brand awareness



Guests and visitors always enjoy being photographed with models. The photos capture a memorable moment! We can also arrange photo marketing for you if you wish.


Our models are often called in to act as grid girls to increase brand awareness and generate free publicity.



Besides being extremely glamorous, our models can also hold their own in conversation! As a promotion agency we know the importance of communication when it comes to making an impression on that all-important client. Our models draw attention to your brand, product or event in a way that is very convincing.


If you want to use a team of models several times, we will create a pool of attractive women who can communicate your company philosophy and mission flawlessly.


Starting Grid Girls

Our models are often called in to act as grid girls, otherwise known as ‘pit babes’. These promotional models add that extra touch of glamour at the start of motor racing events. Auxilium often supplies pit babes for Masters F3 events at the Zandvoort Circuit or the TT track in Assen.


Grid girls must be able to keep both feet on the ground no matter how hectic it gets. So we always provide our promotional models with an extensive briefing on what the client wants to ensure optimal performance.


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