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Our sales and retail services include a wide range of merchandising solutions, which has grown enormously over the years. Auxilium Sales & Retail Service can take care of all aspects of the merchandising process for you – from start to finish. This includes making the necessary arrangements with the owners or managers of the locations, planning cost-effective routing, creating and briefing a pool of suitable merchandisers, and handling all of the related logistics, including storage. Needless to say, we also generate qualitative and quantitative (online) reports of all results.

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By pretending to be an interested consumer, it is possible to gain a great deal of information about the sharpness of the (retail) staff, the standard of service, and the quality of communication. Our mystery shoppers are well prepared and trained to act as a potential customer. You can rely on them to provide feedback on all of the aspects you want to check, including photographs.

Our sister agency Target Questions creates the necessary (online) reporting tools and develops mystery shopper scripts. Our mystery shoppers complete the whole process, which includes conducting the scripted conversations.

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