Auxilium grid girls

Grid girls make a spectacular impression as glamorous pit babes surrounded by fast cars, roaring engines, hundreds of photographers and thousands of cheering men.  Models  supplied by Auxilium Promotion & Consultancy Services are able to hold their own in this hectic world. What they do might look relatively straightforward, but actually it requires the utmost concentration.

a pretty face is not enough



All men find grid girls attractive. They are very charismatic and wonderfully exuberant.


But the work they do requires more than this. Besides keeping to a tight (daily) schedule and being highly organised, you can expect Auxilium grid girls to demonstrate remarkable concentration and endurance and to keep up a bright smile all day long.




Grid girls supplied by the Auxilium Promotion & Consultancy Services  promotion agency are guaranteed to increase brand awareness and generate free publicity. This is why people choose to use our models.


However, our grid girls also engage directly with your target group. And since they represent your brand, product or service, excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with the camera and your target group are essential!



Our grid girls are properly prepared for their duties and performances.  We ensure that their presence achieves maximum reach and results by creating schedules that tie in with the race or exhibition program, organising rehearsals and providing sufficient supervision on the day.


That’s why Auxilium grid girls are repeatedly hired to add that extra touch of glamour at Masters F3 events at the Zandvoort Circuit or the TT track in Assen. Our grid girls also perform at leading motor shows in Utrecht and Amsterdam.


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