Goodie bags - a unique sample medium

When it comes to goodie bags, there is only one specialist, and that is BagOffice. Like Auxilium and Target Questions, BagOffice is also part of the  AUX Fieldmarketing Group. BagOffice specialises in filling goodie bags for target groups at any event from business conferences to celebratory occasions. Goodie bags always have the desired effect and also enhance the overall experience of the event. A goodie bag that matches the occasion with content tailored to the target group increases attention value and brings a smile to people’s faces!

100% reach - 0% waste



Goodie bags are the ideal marketing tool. With little investment you can distribute an appealing gift that achieves significant reach and impact with minimal waste. The product is delivered into the consumer’s hands, the gift of a goodie bag makes an impression and the link with the event creates a positive brand experience.


The enthusiastic team at BagOffice  has been producing goodie bags that enhance visitor experience for more than 8 years. Their extensive experience combined with a large network of advertisers ensure that your goodie bag promotion is highly successful. BagOffice can quickly produce the perfect specially designed goodie bag for any type of event.



BagOffice can take care of everything involved in producing goodie bags.  Depending on your requirements, it can assist with any or all of the following:

  • deciding on and acquiring the content
  • designing and producing the bag
  • receiving and streamlining the content at the distribution centres
  • filling and packing the goodie bags
  • transporting the bags to the location (on pallets or in boxes)
  • arranging for the goodie bags to be distributed by a promotion team at the location.

For more information call Marjolijn Franken of BagOffice  on +31 (0)20 32 088 31 or email

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