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the value of a flyer team

Why hire a flyer team? A flyer campaign is the perfect way to communicate a longer message to the consumer in a short time. It is also an excellent method of advertising an offer, with the flyer serving as a discount voucher. And lastly, a flyer campaign is an effective way to generate traffic to your store, stand or event and visits to your website.

the added value of a flyer team



If you decide to run a flyer campaign, it is important to remember that the outcome of the campaign depends on the way the flyer is distributed. It might seem very straightforward, but the way the flyer is presented is essential in ensuring that the campaign achieves the desired result.


Consumers rarely take the time to read something and generally only scan it if they do. So Auxilium flyer teams always communicate the core message as they hand out the flyers. This sparks the consumer’s interest and leads them to read the flyer.



To communicate your message more powerfully, our flyer teams can wear sandwich boards. This increases visibility, highlights the identity of the sender and ensures that the core message comes across loud and clear.


In addition to arranging flyer teams, Auxilium can also take care of (preparatory) logistics, from DTP makeup to (branded) flyer bags, from printing to distribution.



From cinemas to shopping malls and city centres, from catering outlets to car parks, from festivals to events… No matter what the location, we know who shows up when, so your flyer always ends up in the right hands at the right time!


To ensure that the flyer team connects with the right target group, Auxilium always develops an optimal location plan and time schedule.  Auxilium will identify suitable locations and make all of the necessary arrangements on your behalf. At the same time, we always keep one eye on the possibility of deploying guerrilla flyer teams.


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