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A highly motivated and committed event crew can make all the difference to the outcome of your event. You need flexible, loyal, service-minded staff who know what is expected of them because they are the face of your company.


Besides supplying event crews, Auxilium also provides all kinds of event trailers for many clients. These striking units can be used to sell your merchandise and/or enhance your branding. Exposure guaranteed!

event and catering crews



Auxilium Promottie & Advies has a national database of dedicated event and catering staff who prefer nothing more than to work at a festival or event. And they are not short on motivation!


Auxilium also has a team of experienced handymen who can set up and break down your event. Our helpful odd-job team can also take care of all kinds of other logistical tasks for you. Their approach is ‘Don’t just talk about it, get on with it!’ And while they may not be (technically) qualified, they can provide essential support by attending to all kinds of things that need to be done. Click here for a list of the tasks that our event staff can carry out for you.

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A no-nonsense mentality and excellent presentation are essential in the catering industry! Our catering staff specialise in the culinary arts and know exactly what is expected of them.


They are also happy to help out in other ways during events, exhibitions and conferences. The knowledge, expertise and resilience of our stress-proof team is guaranteed to enhance your catering campaigns.



Besides supplying personnel, Auxilium also provides all kinds of event trailers and other mobile units for many clients. These striking units can be used to sell your merchandise and/or enhance your branding.


We have an extensive range of impressive hypermodern and retro sales trailers, including cool American busses and caravans, that can be used for all of your promotional, sales and hospitality activities. Gain an overview of the possibilities at www.brandgear.nl



In addition to (sales) trailers Auxilium has also developed several Event Kiosk concepts. Our Event Kiosk was created to meet the needs of event organisers who want to provide additional services for guests. Enabling visitors to purchase daily essentials enhances their perception of the quality of the event. The Event Kiosk is a sales unit that sells daily essentials such as:

  • confectionery and refreshments
  • cigarettes and smoking accessories
  • beauty products, such as sun protection cream, lip balm and hair gel
  • novelties and convenience items such as earphones, rain protection gear and phone chargers

Needless to say, the Event Kiosk can also sell merchandise associated with the event!  Click here to download more detailed information about the Event Kiosk.

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