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To ensure that you make the right decisions for your organisation, you need reliable, up-to-date and complete information. If you do not have this information to hand, market research gathered by surveys and audits is the best way to obtain it.


Surveys and audits are disciplines that require specific focus and expertise. To ensure this specific focus and expertise, these disciplines are handled by Target Questions, a specialist division of the  AUX Fieldmarketing Group :  .


Target Questions is a market research agency that that specialises in surveys and auditing services for a range of commercial and non-profit clients.

surveys and audits



Surveys must be designed in a way that enables respondents to express their views objectively, freely and completely. Survey interviewing is one of the most difficult skills to master. For how do you ensure that respondents participate in a survey? And how do you ensure that they answer the questions accurately?


Conducting a survey that produces reliable objective results is far more difficult than it might seem. Both the way the survey is presented and the content can have a significant impact on the outcome.



Are you thinking of engaging researchers or survey interviewers to gather information on things you want to assess? Our survey interviewers approach your target group individually and in a personally engaging way. Surveys can be conducted wherever your target group may be – at exhibitions, events, airports, shopping centres, cinemas…


We select researchers and survey interviewers who are a perfect fit for your brand, product or service. Our staff are properly prepared and instructed so they have all of the necessary information about your brand, product or service at their disposal.



There is a growing realisation that audits accelerate organisational development. They identify an organisation’s strengths, areas for improvement and priorities for the future.


Many of our clients ask us to help them set up a quality system and conduct audits for them. No matter where your target group may be, our auditors travel throughout the Netherlands to conduct objective and qualitative audits.



We are well aware that our auditors will be engaging with your all-important (external) clients and/or (internal) staff. So all of our auditors are selected on the basis of their experience, qualifications, communication skills and drive.


Our auditors are properly prepared and instructed so they have all of the necessary information at their disposal.

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