the value of demonstrations

Auxilium Promotion & Consultancy Services organises all kinds of demonstrations for a range of clients. We do this not only at major consumer events, (such as the Huishoudbeurs ideal living exhibition and the Negenmaandenbeurs fair for parents to be at RAI Amsterdam), but also in wholesale and retail settings, both in-store and outdoors.


Besides encouraging consumers to purchase your product, demonstrations are also an effective way of presenting your product to a consumer or business target audience. They allow you to provide a more detailed explanation and engage in interactive communication with your target group.

Auxilium demonstrations


Stimulate sales

Auxilium will decide on an individual or group approach depending on the product or service and where the demonstration is held. When demonstrating to a group, Auxilium often uses headsets so everyone hears the message loud and clear. Your product can be demonstrated near the shelf or at a nearby sales unit to generate more traffic to the store.


As your brand ambassadors, our male and female demonstrators must be able to explain the benefits and technical aspects of the product or service. They must also have detailed knowledge of the competition and pricing in the market in question.


brand ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors excel at maintaining excellent relationships with retailers. A successful demonstration requires positive and dynamic interaction not only with the brand ambassador but also with the retailer and all of the retail staff. When delivering the demonstration, the brand ambassador is part of the team and has the same objective: to generate a sustained increase in sales!  Needless to say, special offers and other consumer incentives help in this respect.


Tailored full-service solutions

Auxilium Promotion & Consultancy Services can take care of (preparatory) logistics for you, from arranging (chilled) storage to hiring equipment, ordering materials and making the necessary arrangements with the owners or managers of the demonstration locations.

We have developed clear set procedures so everyone, from the client and head office to the retail staff and brand ambassadors, knows exactly what to expect.


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