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cinema - a complete experience

Cinema promotions by Auxilium Promotie & Advies. Auxilium helps you connect with your target group in the most relevant locations, from shopping centres to train stations, catering establishments, events and cinemas. Auxilium is proud to count Pathé, Jean Mineur Mediavision and FoxScreen among its clients. That’s a network of 33 million people every year!  We have been organising distinctive cinema promotions for many years and have gained considerable knowledge of the processes involved, visitor profiles and the possibilities. We draw on this knowledge and experience to develop engaging promotional campaigns for cinemas.


Today, cinemas are evolving. The seating is more comfortable and (catering) facilities have greatly improved. Movies are shown in 3D, or as an IMAX experience, and movie classics are being re-released.


Besides increasing capacity, cinema operators are also investing in technological innovation and devoting more attention to customer experience. Cinemas and film theatres now seek to offer an enjoyable evening out and serve as places where people can gather for special events and alternative programming. For visitors, striking cinema promotions are the final component that makes the experience complete.

tailored concepts



Since each film attracts a certain type of visitor, promotions can be aimed at a specific target group. Auxilium specialises in developing specially tailored cinema promotions. We will discuss your needs and objectives and help you come up with a creative concept that meets your requirements and surprises and delights visitors.



  • Concept creation
  • Project management
  • Logistic execution
  • Production of materials and/or (branded) clothing
  • Experienced staff with the right knowledge



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