Amsterdam-based field marketing agency

Auxilium Promotion & Consultancy Services, set up at the end of 1989, is a specialist field marketing agency that delivers high-performance promotional campaigns throughout the Netherlands. As a full-service agency we arrange hostesses, promotion teams, exhibition staff, researchers and survey interviewers, sales teams, merchandise display management and audit teams. Our client base continues to grow, with more leading brands and prestigious companies choosing to join us every year.



We at Auxilium Promotion & Consultancy Services know how to harness the power of effective face-to-face communication. As a full-service field marketing agency, we can assist you every step of the way, from the development of creative concepts to delivery in accordance with a well-thought out strategy. With our wealth of experience and keen eye for quality, we ensure that your brand is activated in the right way.

Aux Fieldmarketing Group

Auxilium Promotion & Consultancy Services is the cradle of the AUX Fieldmarketing Group. Field marketing is a broad concept that involves many diverse and complementary disciplines. All of these disciplines require their own specific focus. So the  AUX Fieldmarketing Group  is divided into specialist divisions. Auxilium’s sister companies within the group are:

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